About Blanks Berry Farm

Jerrell & JanetBlanks Berry Farm is located in Northeast Alabama.

Jerrell and Janet Blanks’ retirement hobby has turned into a growing family business.  The business started from Jerrell’s love of farming.  We built the first greenhouse in 1998.  Now we have 4 greenhouses and about 5 acres of the farm in production of various vegetables and fruits. 

We built that first greenhouse with the intention of something to “play” with, raise some tomato plants and whatever.  However, when we really started raising plants and selling them, we loved it.  Now we raise annual flowering plants, tomato and pepper plants.  One thing that sets us apart is that we grow all our plants here.  We don’t buy and resell.  Because of this we have a better understanding of how to take care of the plants, and our customers benefit by receiving a quality product.

The farming operation started small also, with our personal garden.  We started using organic practices, leaf mulch for fertilizer and stopped using pesticides for insect control.  We also had two very large blueberry bushes (12 feet tall) that we started selling blueberries that we couldn’t use personally.  Now, we have over a hundred bushes that we pick from or you can come pick your own.  We have added blackberries and strawberries.  Other fruit we grow includes cantaloupes and watermelons.  We also grow a wide variety of tomatoes, including heirlooms, peppers, summer and winter squashes, peas, beans, corn, pumpkins, okra, lettuce and more.

One thing Jerrell loves to do is give people a tour of our farm when they come, and we’ve been told we have a little piece of paradise here.  We think so too. 

Y’all come see us.

Jerrell and Janet Blanks